Incoming transmission from Blue Dreamers HQ!

Hello. Meet


A brand new game engine developed by Blue Dreamers!

We are still working on things. Stay tuned

for the release of Tank and Dozer!

FYI man, alright. You could sit at home, and do like absolutely nothing, and your name goes through like 17 computers a day. 1984? Yeah right, man. That's a typo. Orwell is here now. He's livin' large. We have no names, man. No names. We are nameless!

Mess with the best, die like the rest.

Never send a boy to do a woman's job.

-- Hackers

\o/ hello from Jonathan Basniak

be kind to yourself, and others

pizza time!!!!! :)

hime hime hime

Cloacked pixelated sprite running animation.